Q: Why are you moving?

A: The opportunity presented itself to be a co-owner of a building. I currently rent my space, and owning my own building will serve me much better down the road. Since I am starting from scratch, I can design the office to fit the way I work, and incorporate features that I could not do if I just tried to retrofit my existing facility. The access to the property is easier than on Easton Avenue (less traffic).

Q: When are you moving?

A: I anticipate moving the third week in February 2009. I will update this FAQ as the date becomes more certain.

Q: Is this a second location?

A: No. After I move, I will no longer be practicing at the 636 Easton Avenue location.

Q: How far away from the current office is it?

A: 3.3 miles driving distance, or about 6 minutes.

Q: Can you show me on a map where it is?

A: The map below shows the correct location:

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Q: Will you be raising your fees as a result of the move?

A: We have received aggressive financing from the bank, and fortunately, this will not be necessary.