Adult Treatment

Nearly 1 million adults are wearing braces today- more than ever before. The potential for adult orthodontics has never been greater. Many adults whose parents were not able to provide orthodontic treatment for them when they were children now have the resources to finally correct that bothersome smile. What’s more, the affordability of braces today, improved technology and more aesthetically pleasing braces are factors that contribute to adults’ decision to get orthodontic treatment.

There are many sound clinical reasons for adult treatment. As adults age, crooked teeth may become more obvious than they were previously. Orthodontic treatment can often align the crooked teeth, making them more attractive and easier to keep clean, which is perhaps the greatest concern of most family dentists.

Facts about adult orthodontics:

Am I too old for treatment?

For those who can benefit from orthodontics, age is not a factor. Adults who have teeth and healthy supporting structures are never too old.

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