Face Crib Instructions

  1. Most people find it easiest to put the face crib on while lying down. That way, gravity will hold it on your face while you put the elastics on.
  2. The soft pads on the head rest and chin cup can be exchanged for new ones if they become damaged (we can give you new ones). The areas of your face covered by the pads can look irritated after a night of wearing them. Some people find that skin lotions help with this. Other people have had success with using “moleskin” pads on the head rest and chin cup. This can be purchased in a pharmacy or grocery store, and is usually in the foot care section.
  3. The teeth that the elastics attach to can become sore for the first few days that you are wearing the face crib. This is normal.
  4. Some people get sores in the corners of their mouths, either from the elastics themselves, or from saliva collecting in these areas. If the elastics are bothering the corners of your mouth, you can try attaching both elastics to the center loop on the face crib rather than the end loops (if you do this, the face crib may feel more “wobbly” on your face). Just make sure that the elastics are not resting against your gums inside your mouth. You can also try putting some vitamin E liquid on the sores.

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