Thumb Sucking Habit

This patient had a habit of sucking her left thumb. She exhibited the typical flaring and spacing of her upper front teeth, crowding of her lower front teeth, and anterior open bite. Although there is the hint of narrowing of her upper arch based upon the way her side teeth appear to be leaned inward (you can see this in the picture taken from the front), there were no crossbites.

  • When she was unsuccessful in stopping her habit on her own, we used the appliance above to help her. She gradually stopped her habit over a couple of months, and the appliance was removed 6 months after it was placed. The pictures taken after the appliance was removed show the dramatic changes that can occur when the natural balance of forces is restored. The spaces between her upper teeth have essentially closed, and her open bite has corrected. All this occurred within 6 months and the only appliance used was this habit breaking appliance.
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