Anterior Crossbite

There are few orthodontic emergencies. I consider this to be one of them. (By emergency I mean that not intervening will likely result in the loss of a tooth in the near future).

This patient had an underbite (anterior crossbite) that was causing his lower right central incisor to move forward off of its supporting bone. The longer the tooth remains in this situation, the higher the risk of gum and bone loss on the outside of the tooth and the higher the risk that this tooth will be lost (this is a permanent tooth).

Lower braces were used to retract (move back) his anterior teeth. No treatment was done to the upper arch (he and his parents were not concerned about the upper spaces at the time, and I planned to correct this when the rest of his permanent teeth erupted).

Start of treatment
End of treatment

Total treatment time was 2 years, 2 months (I was waiting for his permanent lateral incisors to erupt to align them. They did not come in enough until over a year into treatment).

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